Weight Loss Kit

Our weight loss kit is put together by experienced ayurvedic doctors and is made of 8 organic food items that contain zero preservatives or chemicals. Our products will help with your food cravings while weaning you away from processed sugar. With regular exercise and dietary control, you can see results from our weight loss kit in just a few weeks. Each kit contains Organic Millet Chivda (150g), Crispy Makhana (200g), Weight Loss Tea (100g), Weight Loss Trail Mix (200g), Weight Loss Detox Drink (100g), Ragi Date Balls (100g), Weight Loss Granola Bars (240g) & Metabolism Boosting Superpowder (50g)

Kit Includes:

* Products worth INR 1545/-
* Weightloss consultation (One-Time) with our Ayurvedic doctors worth INR 500/-
* Yoga & meditation tutorial video to help you lose weight

1,550.00 1,249.00 1,545.00 1,099.00

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4 Items
  • Metabolism Boosting Superpowder (Weight Loss) (50gms)

A classic blend made from shunti, maricha, pippali, ajamoda, saindava lavana, hingu, sweta amd krishna jeeraka. This authentic powder is a preperation that treats indigestion, constipation, manages appetite and boosts metabolism.

  • Weight Loss Tea (100gms)

Start your day with an energetic booster crafted from the roots of Ayurveda to keep you charged up all through the day

  • Crispy Makhana (Foxnuts) (100gm)

Makhanas are high in fiber and low in calories and also recommended for diabetics, it also has anti ageing enzymes. Perfect snack with lots of enriched fibre and low in cholestrol, fat and sodium.

  • Weight Loss Detox Drink (100gms)

Our weight loss tea includes diuretics that help you lose your water weight by improving your metabolism. It also prevents hair loss and dull skin that happens sometimes when a person loses weight which happens due to increased body heat.

4 Items
  • Organic Millet Chivda (150-gms)

Our special Chivda contains millet flakes, salt, spices, peanuts and cow ghee. This fibre rich snack boosts metabolism and is high in satiety hence making it an ideal snack for women with PCOD/PCOS

  • Weight Loss Granola Bars X6 (240g)

The biggest area where granola bars can go wrong is with the added sugar; as a rule of thumb, we only use jaggery or raw honey as the sweetener for all our products. Enjoy these when having hunger pangs for guilt-free munching!

  • Weight Loss Trail Mix (100gm)

Mildly spicy, low-calorie, and medicinal in nature, this mix can be a perfect accompaniment to fruits, juices, or a light meal as a topping. They help boost fiber and roughage thereby cleansing the digestive tract.

  • Ragi Date Balls (Weight Loss) (100gms)

These laddoos consist of dates, raisins, ghee, seeds.These are low in carb, high protein, filled with natural sugars and blood-boosting raisins

What Our Customers Are Saying

I ordered the Healwithfood weight loss kit recently and love their products so far. I love the fact that they dont use sugar, gluten and any preservatives in their products.

Dr. Preeti Krishnan

I consulted with Dr. Amala of Heal with Food. I found her very knowledgeable on the field and she did an in-depth assessment of my Prakriti and made customized recommendations for my diet, exercise, and certain ayurvedic supplements. I am following them and am happy with the results so far, I have lost 2.5 kg

Peter Theobald

I started using the weight loss kit post getting a consultation from Dr. Amala and am quite. happy with the results I have achieved in the first 45 days by just tweaking my diet. I really like the quality of products from HWF and absolutely love their snacks which feel fresh and are very tasty.

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