RegeneHair Kit for Balding

This unique kit is made from 100% organic ingredients prepared using ancient Ayurvedic techniques. You can start expecting results from this product based on the extent to which the hair follicles have been affected – the usual treatment period is 45-90 days.

This kit purchase would be followed by a call from Dr. Amala who will explain the procedure to use the products in our kit to get effective results.

Kit Includes:

* Products worth INR 8000/-
* Yoga & Meditation Tutorial Video to help you heal from Pattern balding

8,000.00 4,999.00 8,000.00 3,999.00

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  • Freshly Prepared
  • Direct From Farm
  • 100% Organic

4 Items
  • Black Raisins (250gms)

In addition to the dual purposes of blood purification and body temperature control, black raisins also help aid growth

  • Sariva Tea (Blood Purifier) (100gms)

This special tea is made from Sariva roots - it brings down body temperature, calms you down, cools down pitta (optimises metabolism) and decreases the blood flow to an optimal level making it the perfect tea for PCOD/PCOS treatment.

  • Full Body Detox Powder (100gms)

The Detox powder is ideal for regulating body temperature, which is a pre-requisite for follicle growth.

  • Consultation with the Doctor

A one on one personalized chat with our in-house doctor, to guide you through the do's and don'ts

3 Items
  • Topical Application Mix for Hair Growth (180tbs)

This is our properietary Ayurvedic formula made from Shunti, Maricha, Shuddha Parada and other herbs. Usage as per instructions activates the hair follicles, thereby promoting new hair growth.

  • Hair Growth Oil (100ml)

This is our properietary Ayurvedic formula made from coconut oil, neeli,bringaraja, onion, mehndi and others. Usage as per instructions activates and expedtes hair growth.

  • Raw forest honey (50gms)

The antibacterial property of honey removes dandruff and strengthens the scalps like the roots of the banyan tree.

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