Period Care Kit

Our Period Care Kit is a combination of organic products including potent herbs and organic extracts. Each product addresses a specific need of the human body to tackle menstrual pains. These contain a combination of 7 Ayurvedic herbs such as varshabhu, bilva, kulattha, shunti, sahachara, eranda and agnimantha; these herbs help alleviate the effect of higher levels of Prostaglandins while regulating body hormones, boosting metabolism and alleviating pain in the body.

If you start with our products about one week before your period, you will notice significant pain relief. With regular usage over 2-3 months of our period care kit, you will get a permanent reduction in your menstrual cramps.

Kit Includes:

* Products worth INR 1350/-
* Period care consultation (One-Time) with our Ayurvedic doctors worth INR 500/-
* Yoga & meditation tutorial video to help you heal from painful menstrual cramps

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3 Items
  • Hormone-balancing tea (100gms)

Our popular hormone balancing tea is a combination of 7 Ayurvedic herbs namely Eranda, Shunti, Sahachara, Agnimantha, Kulattha, Punarnava and Bilva. Regular consumption of our tea will help regulate your hormonal balance and reduce pain during periods.

  • Sesame Tea (150-gms)

This is a special tea prepared from Sesame seeds and has multiple healing properties. Reguar consumption increases heat in the body and improves metabolism (pitta) thereby improving the menstrual blood flow

  • Organic Cane Jaggery (75g)

Our special Organic jaggey can be used as an adjuant to the sesame tea. It helps improve body metabolism and blood flow and can be consumed as a sugar substitute in everyday consumption.

2 Items
  • Pain Relief Ayurvedic Supplements (30tbs)

These supplements during periods helps and controls the prostaglandins which causes the menstrual pain.

  • Pomegranate Peel Powder (PCOD) (100gms)

This is a powerful mix of folic acid and antioxidants that is beneficial for the female reproductive health.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Was skeptical, but started the kit 3 months ago on my sister's recommendation. Have seen a substantial decrease in pain & cramps since. Will continue with this for sure!

Aswathi Menon

When a friend recommended Healwithfood’s period care kit, it was hard to believe that such simple ingredients could take care of those painful cramps. I am glad that I tried it and am pleasantly surprised to see a noticeable relief in just a couple of months. I especially like the teas and the pomegranate peel powder.

Ruchika Agarwal

I have always had debilitating cramps and lower back pain during my periods. I have tried allopathy but after a while, it stopped working. I have finished 3 cycles since I started using the Healwithfood kit and although I still have some discomfort and pain, I have not had the crazy painful cramps which is very promising.

Kanchana Sudhir
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