Our PCOD/PCOS kit helps you improve hormone utilization & regulate overall hormonal balance. This handpicked combination curated by our doctors contains various Ayurvedic herbs that are beneficial for the regulation of the hormone balance. If you start with our products about one week before your period, you will notice significant pain relief. With regular usage over 02 to 03 months of our period care kit, you will feel a visible difference in your menstrual issues. Our PCOD/PCOS are customized depending on the nature of bleeding and are of three types:
-Low Bleeding
-Heavy Bleeding
-Irregular Menses

Kit Includes:

* Products worth INR 1635/-
* PCOD consultation (One-Time) with our Ayurvedic Doctors worth INR 500/-
* Yoga & Meditation Tutorial Video to help you heal from PCOD

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5 Items
  • PCOD Superpowder 100g (low-bleeding)

The given kit works to improve hormone utilization & regulates overall hormone balance. The powder of herbal drugs brings balance & strength to the menstrual system & it helps to regulate menstrual cycle.

  • Amla Powder (100gms)

It impoves the metabolism and regularizes the menses

  • Snana Choorna(Sampler) (20g)

This is a combination of rose petal powder, green gram powder and others. Snana Choorna clears the skin pigmentation and discoloration caused due to PCOS

  • PCOD Energy Bars (6 Pcs) (210g)

Anti-PCOD bars gives an instant energy boost with natural sugars, full of fibre and healthy fats that boost your metabolism and manage pcod

  • Organic Millet Chivda (150-gms)

Our special Chivda contains millet flakes, salt, spices, peanuts and cow ghee. This fibre rich snack boosts metabolism and is high in satiety hence making it an ideal snack for women with PCOD/PCOS

5 Items
  • PCOD & Period Pain Tea (Sesame tea) (100gms)

This is a special tea prepared from Sesame seeds and has multiple healing properties. Reguar consumption increases heat in the body and improves metabolism (pitta) thereby improving the menstrual blood flow

  • Organic Cane Jaggery (75g)

Our special Organic jaggey can be used as an adjuant to the sesame tea. It helps improve body metabolism and blood flow and can be consumed as a sugar substitute in everyday consumption.

  • Protein Rich Trail Mix (100gms)

One of our top rated products, this trail mix is made from almonds, cashews, dates, watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds & raisins. This mix is satiating, very low on carbs, high on protein and a good dose of healthy fats to help with PCOD

  • Sesame peanut balls (100gms)

The primary ingredient of Sesame seeds, in combination with jaggery helps increase and ease blood flow in women. Peanuts help decrease the androgen (can lead to male body characteristics in women) levels while adding to the taste of this snack.

  • Crispy Makhana (Foxnuts) (100gm)

Makhanas are high in fiber and low in calories and also recommended for diabetics, it also has anti ageing enzymes. Perfect snack with lots of enriched fibre and low in cholestrol, fat and sodium.

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