Palm Jaggery

Jaggery made from Palmyra trees | Nutritious substitute for white sugar | Natural sweetener with no sucrose

Diseases It Helps Cure

  • Body Care
  • Diabetes
  • PCOD
  • Weight loss
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Palm jaggery is the most nutrient rich and beneficial variety of raw jaggery. It has a much lower glycemic index than white sugar. You can stay fresh and active for hours together after consuming palm jaggery as it contains composite carbs which undergo digestion process quickly.

Calorific value of 100grams of palm jaggery is 383kcal,sucrose-65-85grams,fructose and glucose-10-15grams,protein-4g,fat-1g,iron-11mg,magnesium-70-90mg,potassium-1050mg.

Use it as a sweetener for porridges, teas and smoothies. It has a mild chocolate flavor that goes very well with milk or any ragi based preperation. You could also make a syrup by heating palm jaggery in water, and store it for upto 6 months when refrigerated. You can use this syrup for sweetening milk, porridges, etc.

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