Is fat bad for you?

We always blame the fats in out foods for making us turn obese. But fat is no longer the dietary bad guy. Doctors and dietitians stress that fats are good for us. We need them to be as effective as possible metabolically for our cells to do their jobs. Fat helps you stay full. It satiates you. If you cut all of the fat out of your diet or have remarkably little fat, your blood sugar does not stay stable for as long a period of time and you notice that you are hungry sooner. 

Early humans had to endure famines and shortages of food for prolonged periods of time. So our bodies were equipped and still are equipped to survive long periods without eating. Therefore, evolutionarily, our bodies are built to accumulate fat cells. However, for many people in the developed world, food is rarely a problem, and hence we end up eating more.

The next time you are walking down the aisle in a supermarket, maybe you would like to look at the back of the product/s you are buying, and check out the amount of the sugars. It is commonly considered that anything with >15grams of sugar is officially dessert.


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