Boosting Immunity & Respiratory Wellness

Given the recent Covid outbreak, we are conducting a 30 min webinar for organizations to help their employees increase immunity and ensure respiratory wellness. We believe that until there’s a cure or a vaccine, this is the best way we can minimize the impact of the virus.

In this live webinar, Dr. Amala from our team will cover diet, vitamins, minerals, cooking ingredients & lifestyle changes to boost immunity naturally in a short span of time. These recommendations are provided by our Ayurved in addition to the general preventive measures publicised by AYUSH ministry. Dr. Amala is a 6th generation Ayurvedic doctor who has a masters in Toxicology and has published 10 international and 20 national papers.

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What Our Corporate Are Saying

It was a great session by Dr. Amla. I loved the way she suggested small but effective lifestyle changes. It's been three weeks I have been using the face scrub. I love it and it is really effective

Prapti Chowdhury

I was really impressed with the quality of the webinar conducted by Healwithfood on the topic of Boosting Immunity during Covid - Dr. Amala is very well experienced in Ayurveda and helped resolve doubts related to lifestyle diseases for multiple employees.


I was introduced to HWF immunity Kit during a corporate webinar & it got me into the whole concept of staying healthy by eating the right food. I've been a subscriber of their kits ever since and find them to be quite effective.

Chaitanya Shastry
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