What’s Included

"Our Ayurvedic doctors will create a custom healing plan to repair the imbalance in your body and help it naturally fight your health condition. Our consultation includes"

  • Prakriti Analysis

    Get recommended foods and herbal supplements that are best suited to your Ayurveda based body type.

  • Medical history assessment

    Analysis of your medical history to identify and eliminate underlying causes of your health condition

  • Family history assessment

    Understanding your genetic makeup to mitigate triggering factors.

  • Lifestyle assessment

    Understanding your current dietary and lifestle preferences to help your body better assimilate the healing foods.

Meet Our Ayurveds

Dr. Amala Jyothi MD (Ay)
Dr. Amala is a 6th generation Vaidya with a post-grad. from SDM College of Ayurveda, Hassan. She has 10 international papers and 20 national papers to her credit and has published articles in various international and national publications. She has several years of experience teaching Ayurveda and treating complicated clinical cases with food and ayurvedic medicines.
Dr. Arati Varma
Dr. Arati (BAMS, MSC, PGDY) is an Ayurvedic practitioner from Alva's Ayurveda Medical College, Mangalore and Msc psychology from Madras University. She has extensive research and clinical consultation experience and incorporates lifestyle and psychological factors in her treatment approach.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I took a consultation and was impressed. She has great command over Ayurveda. And she explains even smallest of things very patiently. I like that she didn't ask me to make big life changes because that would have been really tough to implement. I was pleasantly surprised that Healthwithfood has such great products at economical prices.

Tanushree Kulkarni

When I signed up for a consultation, I was given a detailed questionnaire to better understand my health conditions. During the consultation, the doctor didn't force me to make drastic changes, rather told me to take the process slowly as this was going to be a change in my lifestyle. I've seen great improvement is stress relief and mental clarity within a month.

Shamanth Naik

My experience with the Doctor was very informative. She started with asking me a wide range of questions about my food habits, routine, mood, current environment. I found her to be very patient & detailed in her recommendations. She took the time to explain my condition and how each medicine is supposed to help control the symptoms.

Shreyoshi Ghosh
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